My name is Coleen Maulfair. I love supporting my husband's work in our very special medical center. When you avoid pharmaceutical drugs and actually do the detective work to find the source of someone's health problems, you can heal for real. Anti-aging medical treatments can prevent problems and we have the clinical evidence in reversing the ravages of aging.

Dr. Maulfair always wonders why someone has symptoms; your reason for developing migraine headaches may be different from another person's  reason so why drug the pain? How about some searching diagnostics to uncover the real reason you are feeling ill? He does it best. Nearly 40 years of clinical results helping all ages and all conditions pave the way for the right solutions to health problems.  

We offer bio-identical hormone replacement for men and women, numerous intravenous treatments delivering nutrients directly into circulation, chelation therapy to detoxify the accumulation of heavy metals and ionic calcium that cause circulatory problems AND sauna detoxification to reduce the body burden of drugs and environmental toxins.  Dr. Maulfair is a digestive expert and helps people with irritable bowel and worse. Our results speak for themselves and our patients are regaining their energy and health.

  I deliver the sauna detoxification program for our patients and others who come from all over to participate.  When you have used drugs, whether street drugs or pharmaceutical drugs, you can often have a hard time staying away from them; this program reduces cravings. When you have been exposed to chemicals on the job or just living in our society we can help with that.    

Dr. Maulfair and I consider the sauna detoxification program, strictly utilizing the Hubbard method, as a fundamental to any wellness program. Read all about it in the popular text, "Clear Body Clear Mind" by L. Ron Hubbard. Delivered in our center to the public at large, we can help people with medical problems that have special needs. Gulf War Vets and others in hazardous professions especially benefit. Reducing chemical contamination is key to health.

If you have any other questions or would simply like to say ‘hello’ please feel free to message me!

- Coleen

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