Clouds that forever stampede the endless sky, shadows gliding over canyon walls– the West is a vast expanse of magic and mystery.  American artists from John Ford to Frederick Remington to A.B. Guthrie have used film, canvas and the printed page to convey the essence of its unique landscape and mythology.  

Songwriter and recording artist, Marc Berger presents RIDE, ten cinematic recordings capturing the vastness and romance of the West, while exploring its deep roots in the American psyche. He's performed at  South by Southwest and the Kerrville Folk Festival and opened shows for Bob Dylan and other national acts. His antinuclear anthem, The Last One, has been quoted in the NY Times, featured on the CBS Evening News, and was a staple of Richie Havens' concerts.

Inspired by Marc's lifelong love affair with the American West, RIDE is the haunting message and beat of "Twister",  the soul-shaking challenge of taming a wild horse in "Take it on the Chin", the sexy, mind-blowing, middle-of-nowhere encounter of "Time Waits For No Man", as well as seven other stops on this thrilling, dusty tour of the Great American Frontier.


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